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  MugBook -

The MugBook is an online school directory system that allows both announcements and lunches to be kept in a single, convenient location. The MugBook is a cost effective solution to time consuming, inefficient printed directories while still allowing print outs in many custom formats.

Features Overview:
  • Student Directory Online
  • Online Announcements
  • Hot Lunch Schedule
  • Complete Administrative Control and Customization
  • Valentines Fundraiser
  • Custom Modules
To see a complete list of features and for further information about the MugBook view the MugBook Page.

Custom Programming -

We offer custom application development on many different scales. If you need a small script to automate routine tasks or even a large scalable tracking database we are your solution! We specialize in online systems involving MYSQL databases. If you have an idea for a product that you could use or have a problem and think that a custom program could help please contact us!

We're very experienced and adept in making solutions carefully tailored to address your needs. We also work on apps used as system checkers, particularly on broadband speed and performance which is essential to both small- and large-scale operations.

Let us know what you need and we will be happy to discuss how best to solve your problem.

We also are available for contract work if your company needs extra help programming. We are proficient in PHP, Perl, C, VB.NET and J#.NET. If your project requires additional languages we may be able to work in those as well!

For more information or a quote estimate on your project please Contact Us.