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  Thank you for your interest in the MugBook. On this page you can:

Features Overview:

The MugBook is a completely new way to do school directories, announcements, lunch schedules, fundraisers and much more.
Each organization that subscribes to the MugBook receives a custom designed color scheme and image design for their MugBook system, free for a limited time!

We host the MugBook so you do not have to worry about maintaining a separate web server or bandwidth usage. A free sub-domain such as yourname.w3dzine.net is set up with the subscription, if you have a specific domain that you would like we can set that up. To upload pictures for each year an FTP account is provided with direct access to the school year directories for your organization.
At any time if your organization needs an addition or customizations made to the MugBook we are happy to work with you to make those changes. Any upgrades made to the MugBook are automatically integrated into your specific MugBook system at no additional charge throughout the entirety of your subscription!

For a complete features list please view the
Features Page.

Preview Program:

The following are reduced quality samples of the actual program.

Main Page:
MugBook Screen
Search Page:
MugBook Screen

Subscription Information:
# of Users: *Monthly Rate:
< 500$50.00
500 - 999$99.00
1000 - 1499$148.00
1500 - 1999$195.00
2000 - 2499$242.00
2500 - 2999$288.00
3000+(Contact Us)
* - Rate for a one year subscription.
For more sales information or to begin the subcription process please
Contact Us.
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Printed Cost
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If you lost the documentation that you were originally given with your account please Contact Us and we'll be happy to send you a new copy.